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Bulk Barn Advice

You know, it really amazes me what I hear around random places. Walking around the Bulk Barn out of curiosity yesterday (I'd never been) there in the aisle was a conversation that I know occurs daily around water coolers, coffee tables and anywhere someone has an open ear. The classic friend, co-worker or aquaintance advice.

As my daughter and I walked down the aisles perusing but not buying two women begin a conversation with one friend informing the other about why fruit, carbs, sugars are stored as body fat and are meant to be ate early in the day so you don't store them. But, if you eat protein you can't store it as body fat; your body doesn't store it?

Inside I sigh and carry on as the two women proceeded to buy a small bag of quinoa and steel cut oats, followed up by a plethora of candy as they approach the til. This on top of the latest greatest cleanse, diet, can't believe this is so awesome programs flying around and it's no wonder the world and our bodies are such a mess.

Yes, protein is a wonderful macronutrient but there are three major one's: protein, carbohydrates and fats. Now for some reason along the way human nature had the great plan to eliminate or make evil at one point in time all of these separately. Very rarely does anyone stop to consider why each one was put on Earth for us to utilize. 

Protein are used for the building blocks of body tissue and immunity. Carbohydrates are used for energy (brain and nervous system especially), preventing disease and fertilization. Fats provide energy, regulate core body temperature and absorbs certain nutrients.

Pick one of those functions you don't want for your body.

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