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Supreme Silence

IMG 8091

Now that we have that out of the way what are your thoughts on this poster?

Mine instantly was a silent whoop whoop! It is so true. I listen to myself talk all day at work (I apologize to those of you who listen) but we are a society that listens to those that are the loudest but resonate with those who are the quietest when they emanate a silent respect and aura that attracts us to them. I'm not by any definition silent but that is my job side of life. Yes, my personality is bold and I will be the one to start a conversation if in a social setting but what most people wouldn't know about me is that I don't enjoy social settings or being the center of attention away from work. Although an extrovert I am a fierce introvert when alone and that is how I recharge to continue on with my career is by having a lot of alone time whether running by myself, meditation or just being.

That has been a hard one for myself to finally grasp; being. It is okay to just be and not panic about what needs to be done next, I have mellowed out ten times over compared to the self chaos I would create around me daily. Yup, I created it all by choosing it.

IMG 7932

The peace I find out on the water at sunset when the lake is calm and the colors radiate through me is intoxicating. This night in the above picture the full moon was rising behind me as the sun set in front of my board. It was an ethereal experience that will sit with me until I leave this Earth. The fish were feeding alongside my board as though I was just part of their world.

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