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Fitbit, Timbit, Just Do It!

The greatest stories are stranger than fiction. Daily I am asked questions about what I recommend or believe in and I take very seriously the power given to me with people's trust. Perhaps sometimes too much so but here it goes my latest take (opinion) on life as it unfolds. 

I see them everywhere lately...electronic step, calorie counters, distance measurers, get off your butt calculators on people's wrists. It's the latest siege of need to have devices to lose weight faster, more effectively and being able to track down to the last step how far you've gone in a day. In theory they are a genius idea and for the self moderated person a great addition in giving you a baseline of where you're at in a day of activity. Track your calories burned, that's great but where does the obsession stop with over regulating our bodies. 

 It is a portable scale that can becomes a new guilt tool, a new addiction on the wrist of the person who already has unhealthy habits from one extreme to another. Before you jump down my throat there is a place for many things just like one drink in the hand of a person doesn't make them an addict but in another's hand it is their lifeline, a tool of abuse, it can occur with anything.

Before the infamous calorie counters on your wrist there was for runners the tool to calculate pace, time and distance in watch form. This is a great product that I recommend for people just starting out running because it can help you learn what pace to run at that is sustainable for a longer period of time. Most people end up running outside far faster than they do on a treadmill, which then makes them believe they're not a runner because they burn out too fast. The problem was having a sustained easy pace that allowed them to run longer and this helped a lot. But when you become electronically obsessed to the point you can't run without them you need to step back and take running back to basics. Shoes, you and the road. That's the essence of it. 

As we digitize more and more of our workouts and life we become increasingly unhappy. Many friends on Facebook but few true friends in real life. The inability to carry a conversation or express feeling without an emoji is a real danger to our inner peace. Just as much as counting step digitally won't replace a walk outside in nature where it heals your soul and body.

Once we get through with digital guilt we then move onto food guilt. Everything is labeled for us good or bad for you. Don't eat this, eat that only...um no. I don't buy it. If I want to eat chips I have some maybe once a week or every couple of weeks and not the whole bag but a bowl; why? Cause I enjoy a few and maybe even with a glass of wine (not a great pairing but oh well), and because the minute we as humans deprive ourselves the negativity associated with all of it trumps anything positive we've done for ourselves. 

I've taken some flack over the years for my hard standpoint against diets that are extreme (but look at the results, how can you say it doesn't work?). Well, I still hold the same opinion if you want a Timbit once in a while eat a Timbit, if you're eating a box cause you were so "good" all week we have a problem. Deprivation and the negativity associated with it create many dangerous patterns in our brain that then manifest through our bodies. As hard as we try to eat "good" we resent it and then just breakdown and eat what we want at the end of the week anyways. I enjoy all the food I eat, whether I'm having a salad or a steak, an apple or a brownie they all play a role in my life and if I choose to eat it I plan to enjoy it and not guilt myself after for being a bad person because it's food that wasn't on the top 10 list of healthy food. 

Do I believe you should eat to support your body as a whole? Definitely! However nothing should be off limits if you want to eat it. My own choices for foods I don't eat is it has made my body feel very unwell. I stopped diet pop intake years ago and haven't really had a headache since and that is because for MY body it didn't work well. 

The biggest red flag is rapid success, someone drops a lot of weight and looks amazing without exercise or any lifestyle change. The next step is usually the weight returns. 

The proven self-efficacy from working towards a goal has been replayed for many years over and over in many long-term lifestyle changes. Pick a goal complete it, savor it and enjoy it. Then pick another. Life is an unending cascade of minute after minute, day after day and year after year moment. If you consider only choosing one goal completing it and then coasting good luck. The minute we stop moving forward in life we are standing still, just because you are standing still doesn't mean the world still isn't changing around you it just means you've stopped moving with it. 

Perhaps Nike's slogan is the best advice: Just Do It! So often we ponder, talk ourselves out of it and stand still we miss out on the opportunity that is knocking. Regret is far worse than being last in a race, regret of not starting is haunting especially if it was just fear that stopped you. 

Sometimes our best goals to achieve are the big hairy audacious one's we're a little scared of. Why? Because when you achieve them you feel like Superman (or woman) and that is something no one can buy for you it's the only gift that can be given to yourself.

So today take stock of what your life is following? Is it guilt patterns, obsessive and unhealthy? Or is it supportive, nurturing, loving and sustainable?

Our lives are merely reflections of what we believe about ourselves.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200 


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