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Do you have inclination?

What's your inclination? 3%, 7%, 10%, 15%....maybe even 18%!!!

My favorite question is asking people if they use the incline button on the treadmill; why yes, at 3%!

I wish there was a website that could show you what the hill you're climbing on incline looked like it would put into perspective what you are ascending. Incline can be your best tool in the fitness world.

There was a time I remember thinking 5% was a hefty incline on the treadmill but as with everything the fitter you get the more you need to challenge yourself. 15% would be a choice I make more often than not now as it is similar to running at 0% 6mph if I am walking 3.5 mph at 15%. That is the beauty of using incline it is there for you if you do not want to run. Ain't no mountain high enough...use it. Climbing develops great calf muscles, glutes and challenges your cardio system without the pounding of running.

Running is something that has a great deal of form associated with it and if running isn't your thing sometimes we just need to learn the proper way to run instead of running as though we're walking. There is a big difference and something I didn't learn until well into my seventh year of running. But, in the interim there is incline!

The best part of incline is even if your energy is down that day, your stomach doesn't feel stellar or you're just not feeling perky the incline button can still deliver a great workout without too much bouncing or thinking.

Sometimes in the winter I will place a picture of the next upcoming summer goal in front of my treadmill as motivation to keep on climbing and working hard!


Although technology now is so far ahead that the newest commercial treadmills are equipped with screens that simulate courses that you can choose to interact with. I think it's a great tool to get you excited to workout but sometimes we are so overentertained and overloaded we've lost the ability to just walk or run without so many gadgets we're drowning in electronics!

Keep it simple, keep fitness simple so it's available to you anywhere, anytime. Your body is always attached and therefore with it a great workout any place you go! Wherever you go there you are...

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200


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