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Paddling My Life Away!

There was a point I didn't know what to write, now I'm at a point of I can't find time to write or keep up writing about all the fabulous going-ons!

Over the last week since we got back from the Skyrail that afternoon I walked down to the marina and took advantage of the learn to paddle with the Heikili Outrigger Club, I wasn't sure I should go then I thought heck when am I going to have this chance to do this EVER! Jump off the cliff...

I arrived at the marina to find some paddlers there, I introduced myself and they welcomed me in. So, this landlubber is headed out into the Coral Sea to float in a skinny canoe with a stabilizing bar (outrigger):

Coconuts_2012_smaller_06.v2__02Aug2014105642.JPG(Note me in yellow racing canoe...just kidding!)

These canoes are an important part of Polynesian heritage however these one's are definitely made for going fast.

 I ended up in a six crew boat of mixed equal men and women; apparently a strong boat as we were held back in sprints a few boat lengths before we could try to catch up. Well, the first hundred meters I literally thought there was no way I was making over an hour of it, heart rate high, arms burning, body just fried it is a phenomenal workout. There are coaches here who have competed internationally they are a very active amazing club.

Learning the technique was challenging and my biggest detriment sometimes is I am strong enough to "bull" my way through to keep up but the aerobic cost is huge! After a bit of coaching I caught on a wee bit but there is so much to learn. Three times a week I can paddle with the club and this Saturday I get to cruise to Trinity Beach during their Christmas wind-up! Champagne and canoes with santa hats...um yes please! Did I ever hit the right time to join.

We paddled for about an hour and fifteen and I was cooked, fried, tired and so happy. I loved it!

As I arrived home we have great neighbors one of whom owns a paddleboarding and kite surfing business: Kite Rite Australia. He invited us to paddle at 6:30 am in the morning on the sea. My arms and body screamed "no" but my brain and mouth said "yes" we would love to! I'm glad sometimes I speak before I think too much.


What a morning! It was overcast and the weirdest weather, slightly raining in the distance but a reprieve from the heat was wonderful. The kids had been tentative to go on the ocean prior but with guidance they were awesome.



We stopped at a sand inlet where the creek meets the ocean and our son tried to catch a wave with our instructor, while Erica was in seashell heaven picking up many. Finally, the two "surfers" headed up the creek to find a croc and off Tyler went willingly lol (kinda) he hung back a bit.

Out on the water for two hours was a workout and a half, already sore it still felt wonderful to be out on a board and learn so much information about how to correctly paddle.


No more sissy paddling for this girl, it takes power to paddle and I loved it just as much if not more than canoeing but honestly they both are on the water and great sports!

Well, busy week upcoming again and we had a busy day already now that we got wheels we are hitting up local sweet spots to swim, eat and drive around.

Catch ya later.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


RYT 200


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