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The more I move away from normal the less I wish to be there...


Yes, first I was squared and then I was cubed and now I'm bent out of shape in a new light.

In case you have never seen this book or it's predecessor (E2 E-Squared) they are life-altering books if you can allow your old thoughts to disappear into the sunset.

Looking at this picture should be proof enough that life is larger than what we can see it is an amazing tribute to color, light and energy in our world. Yet why do we continue to be sold on limiting beliefs, poor attitudes and unhappiness? 

Maybe we just don't realize that we don't have to accept it or that we secretly create it...hear me out. Or read the books.

Either way all I wish is that we could enjoy life a little more and quit being so resentful about all the hard, horrible things in it. A couple key moments for myself:


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