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Red Light, Blue Moon Night = Northern Delight Part Three

Alarm set but up before it, time to get moving to make the long drive to Skagway, AK. The reason we brought our passports on the trip.

We were so thankful to our hosts for lending us their vehicle to drive around, by the end of our holiday we drove half the distance it would have taken to drive up here (aka a long freaking way). Fueled up with food and gas we headed out on the highway.

The realization occurred part way through the drive as I looked at the map that after Carcross you actually enter British Columbia. We would cross a territory (Yukon), a province (British Columbia) and a country (Alaska) all in one day. The road was windy and beautiful through the mountains and as we approached Alaska the terrain began to grow exponentially. The mountains became bigger and the landscape more rugged.

Akin to the foothills Whitehorse had some big mountains but as we traveled farther they seem to change into mammoths. My personal favorite was as we traversed through B.C. for some reason I could have got out here and hiked for days it was so different as though from another planet.


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Noon Bootcamp Wednesday's: Lucky you it's circuit month so you need indoor shoes and water!! See you at 12:05 pm tomorrow!

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6 pm bootcamp: Meet at Ltis it's nice weather and we need to enjoy presidents hill a few more times!

Lisa's Live Life Now Lisa's Live Life Now