Boot-Camp Not What You Think...


Images of people carrying others on their back, crying, yelling and torture. NOT!

Now picture boot-camp as it really is in Athabasca:

  • Workout at your own pace
  • Adjust what you do for any problems or injuries so it works for you
  • Have fun with your friends
  • Have a new workout each time, never repeated
  • Constantly change your body by keeping it guessing
  • Optimize fat burning with intense workouts
  • Watch yourself transform into a strong, fit and empowered person
  • Bring your kids along (like a giant mommy and me group)

The question is: Why aren't you going to boot-camp?

Bring along a bottle of water, a mat, a set of 3, 5 or 8lb dumbbells, running shoes, a towel and something comfortable to workout in!

The investment: $50 for 10 classes of $15 to drop in!

I look forward to seeing you there!

You will achieve wonderful things you never thought possible in a safe fun atmosphere.

Personal Training: Go To The Next Level

If group motivation isn't for you at bootcamp or injuries prevent you from attending then personal training sessions are available for you.

Personal training is tailored to you and what your needs are. Setting goals to help you achieve your best you! Each workout will be created to suit your fitness level.

One hour session/one time: $60

5 Session New Life Package: $200 for 4 sessions 

Lifestyle analysis: $100/week Track your activity, nutrition and sleep patterns for a week and have it    reviewed.

Personal training is a great way to build confidence on your own in training by yourself to ensure you are using proper form and lifting weights safely.

Lisa Stocking

CSEP-CPT (Canada's highest standard for personal trainers)

AFLCA Resistance Training Specialty

Small Group Training IS FUN!

There is a great way to save money and workout with friends! Small group training!

Keep the cost down while getting a great workout.

$30/person/session (Max four people per session)

Use portable equipment to create a fun workout anywhere you have space to do so! Sessions available at the Athabasca Multiplex or in your home.

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