Biography's Are Hard To Do...

Written by Lisa Stocking.


My passion. My life and my career.

It's hard to write about one's self and celebrate all of your accomplishments without sounding boastful, but over time I have realized that if you do not acknowledge who you are or what you do others cannot identify with you as well.

Yes, I'm sure I should have some professional head shot here but that is not really me. This is me.

Here is my biography:

After giving birth to my two children I began working out. Something I had never done before in my LIFE! Athletic I always was, but never dedicated to anything that required a schedule or hard work in the sense of exercise. I was a farm girl who hauled bales and worked hard. I ran once in a while in high school, played some sports but that was about it.




2010 NAIT PFT DIPLOMA (By distance learning, with a family and work it took me while)


2010 CSEP-CPT CERTIFIED (Highest level of certification in Canada for fitness professionals)


Just glancing at this short chronicle doesn't really do justice to the hundreds of hours I have put into my business.

The first day I came home from my provincial certification with Marjorie O'connor I wrote down with fervency about all that I wanted to do. 

Having very young children of my own I understood the difficulty of going to the gym and not having childcare when your spouse worked away from home. I implemented boot-camp where children were allowed to come along. In home training to come to your house and hold your children while you sweat. Personalized programs for you to do at the playground or without equipment to take away the excuses of not having equipment or a place to exercise.

Without a doubt I am proud of the many people who are now fit and exercise regularly that have been touched by my programs. They are a testament to their own hard work that they earned all on their own with just a little guidance.

That is the problem. We assume that we all "know" how to workout. As though we should be born with this innate ability to just exercise and look good instantly. It's funny we don't expect to do our own dental work and seek out professionals but fitness still has this "I can do it on my own" attitude.

Yes, you can do it on your own but why? At least once have a certified professional help show you correct form or how to tweak one movement to get twice the results out of it?? Wouldn't you want a banker that could double your money?

Personally, I have challenged myself in ways and experiences I never thought possible. Along with watching my friends do the same. (The below photo is at 139 km of a friends race, I am helping her get through it!) Read What Little Girls Are Made Of in my blog for the whole story.

I have climbed mountains, ran mountains, hiked with friends and family, canoed down rivers, white-water rafted, fished, camped, biked, completed triathlons, ran races, soon to be organizing races, golfed, played hockey, rode horses, rock climbed, travelled, lived and experienced life on a level I never thought possible in a million years!

I LIVE LIFE NOW. It is not a catchy phrase it is an empowerment, a statement and mission to continue to do so as long as my feet hit the ground in the morning.

I wish for you the same life. Or a life lived on your terms whatever that may be! Please feel free to look around the site.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking







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