Monday's Menu

Written by Lisa Stocking.

For those of you who are unaware of how I prep for the week, the key is Monday! I cook my food for the week on Monday - enough for lunch and supper from Monday night until Thursday night. I work long hours and I am often eating on the go....not eating out!

Sample Monday Menu:

Chicken Rice Soup

Mexican Rice Salad

Lean Hamburger Taco Meat Cooked 

The beauty of this is having a variety of meals to add to the basics. When you cook the basic taco meat you can take a wrap, a salad, mix it with extra rice if needed ANYTHING!

I always cook a little extra rice, pasta or quinoa so I have some for my children or if I run out of food extra for the week I add a can of tuna to anything!

Place the pre-made meals in containers in the fridge to grab and go. 

Seems unrealistic? Try it!

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