Top Budget Tips

Written by Lisa Stocking.

Why is milk more expensive than pop?

Why are chicken breasts more expensive than processed food?

We may never know the answers to this BUT you can be diligent with your shopping.

1. Buy what is on sale for the week and then cook with it. 

Have a few menu ideas in mind for the week so your not buying chicken when fish is on sale.

2. Shop only once or twice a week.

You will spend less by only going on planned shopping trips for groceries.

3. Buy in bulk.

No brainer here. If you kids eat cereal, buy the JUMBO box.

4. Share with friends if you buy large quantities.

Split a huge pack with a friend so it doesn't go bad before you use it.

5. Basics are generally more reasonable.

Buying deli meat cost more than cooking a roast yourself and slicing it. Uncut carrots are cheaper that pre-cut.

6. Frozen vegetables and fruits are good.

These can be cheaper in the off season than fresh and often better quality because it has not been packed around the world losing nutrition. It was frozen quickly and as soon as it is picked.

7. Make your own.

Buying canned soups etc. can add increased non-nutritious nutrients and cost far more than homemade.

8. Learn to cook.

Don't know how to make soup. Practice makes perfect, learn what you CAN do! 

9. Store hop

I don't have the time for this now but if you can shop the stores for each retailers sale you will always be ahead of the budget game.

10. Coupons.

Plan to buy your big ticket items on 10% off day, look for buy one get one free, it is okay Groupons have made coupons cool again.

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