Feed The Fire

What are you feeling? Do you feel? Or are you feeding the fire of emotions by eating? 

Many clients I have met with state that they don't get angry, mad, sad or frustrated. Really, I find this hard to believe, and when push comes to shove and you start to probe and dig into their lifestyle patterns the day that they are really stressed at work or home, sad, tired, glad or mad they ate or even worse didn't eat at all. They allow their emotions to dictate their eating patterns instead of feeling the emotion and allowing themselves to deal with it.

Are you that person who doesn't feel? Or thinks that they aren't feeling? It's not nice to get angry towards someone so instead of getting upset with the situation you sit down and eat it away....the anticipation of the taste, the rush of food into your body drowning all feeling to the bottom of your stomach and the endorphins rushing to your brain. Problem solved. New problem created, unhealthy emotional eating and completely preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure a high cost to pay for the diversion of emotion.

How do you begin to feel again? Many people are shocked by the emotional reactions they experience through physical movement, it is all so intricately linked. 

I Live Life Now, it is your time now to feel it as well.

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