Where To?

Imagine getting in a cab and when the cab driver asks you where to go you give him a totally irrelevant number such as 160 lbs. He is not sure where that is or how to get there because it is not a destination only a number that has no meaning to his gps device that is used to navigate through the crowded city.

This is how humans are living everyday. Stuck on a number that really has no meaning in their life plan. That's great you hit your goal weight, now what? Oh, the mental torment of trying to keep it there because that number is so engrained in your mind as being the happy number but when happy doesn't arrive you find other problems in life or body to pick apart. Or if your body isn't meant to be at that number for life and you try to force it to bend, new problems are created.

The more you stare at your feet on the scale the more life you are missing. Setting goals outside of your weight often times helps you end up at the weight you are meant to be at. Set a goal of biking, running, walking, kayaking, swimming any type of activity with movement will always help you attain your ideal weight even if you question it in comparisson to the "ideal" body in society.

A goal has a date, time and place. It is measurable and is attainable....learn how.

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