NOW is the Time!

Pre-contemplation. You ended up on this site either from a friend referring you or you googled on your own and discovered a site unlike others.

There are no fancy promises here of quick fixes or overnight flat abs, only the chance to unleash a new part of your life you have been hiding from or too busy to pay attention to. I Live Life Now is a statement about being ready to start living instead of reacting to situations as they appear. If you are tired of diets, promises and disappointment then take a chance on using the one tool in life that has the most power: YOU!

Committ to youself, not anyone else can you do it for. So, if the thought is sitting there or you think you are ready to move ahead in life try it. I Live Life Now involves goal setting as one of the major components of lifestyle changes. You cannot drive anywhere in your car without a map, don't live your life lost as well.

There is a community support base in the membership portion of this site to surround yourself with others on the same journey...please join us.

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