Movement For Life

In this day and age we exist in a world with more diet food and products than ever, yet we are a society that is more overweight then ever, what has changed?

Think back 100 years ago when there were the basics; meat, potatoes, bread, vegetables, wild fruit, whole milk, cream, butter and other natural food sources that were not processed although they were high in fat and carbohydrates the people worked the land and worked hard.

Picking rocks, carrying water and tending to crops by hand were just some of the tasks performed daily, due to the high exertion level the amount of calories burnt counterbalanced the dense calorie foods that were eaten. Then the industrialization of the world created less need for hard labour. The amount of labour required for daily tasks such as washing dishes was minimal in comparison to the pre-industrialization era. No one was bored in previous times there was always work to be done. Now in today's age we do not move near as much as when we were hunter and gatherers and this is one of the key reasons that our lives and bodies have changed.

Movement is what we are created to do, it is innate. We have convinced ourselves otherwise that it is too hard to go on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Life has become too comfortable and being out of that comfort is not what we "feel" like doing so we don't. Even at 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week we are just starting to hit the tip of the iceberg compared to the activity levels our ancestors exerted.

Life is wonderful now. We have power, water, comfort but sometimes we have too much and can't committ to pushing out of the comfort zone. Movement and working out is not an option in life it is imperative to our future. I now look at exercise on the days I don't "feel" like doing it as any other task I don't relish which for me is dishes. They have to be done, period. Complain, moan, groan all you want there are some tasks that aren't an option. Join the movement to commit to yourself and MOVE!

I Live Life Now.

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