What We Believe...Or Do We Believe?

Written by Lisa.

What do you believe?

I believe that if you "want" to do something you will. If you don't want to? Then, you won't. People who say, "I'm not a runner" don't want to run unless you physically can't. That is fine, but don't assume that you are something you are not because you don't want to or have not tried. (By the way I'm not a singer because I won't do karaoke but I don't want to...will I one day? Maybe.)

Many people in my life have found out that they are runners, bikers, swimmers, athletes and all they had to do was try it. Start slow, work towards a goal and often they are rewarded with an improved sense of self, weight loss and a new passion for life.

Healthy Mind

It seems nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to sift through the messages sent out in the world. One of the simplest ways that I shut off messages that weren't conducive to my life was to stop buying it, watching it or believing it.

Watch an award show or tv sitcom and I can promise you that within 5 minutes you will feel like you need to become more like the character on tv other than the person you are. Why does she have a flat stomach and a great voice? Why can't I have a six pack? Well, unrealistic expectations would be one reason!

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